The obvious, maybe not so obvious to some

Sure there is a lot of valuable information out there, but today, more than ever it’s extremely important to take charge of our own health. Without going into personal details, experience has shown that Doctors aren’t always right! If we break an arm, receive some type of major injury, etc. Then we need good medical care from competent medical professionals. That’s the obvious. For many other things, especially those that may likely be caused by a bad lifestyle, it can pay off to do the research and investigate alternative and less traditional medicine. This is not to say avoid the doctor when things get out of hand as already mentioned, but lets face the facts. Doctors are trained to do procedures and prescribe drugs. Yes, some may suggest healthy eating habits, exercise and loosing weight. And that is always good advice. Many are ready to just prescribe that next drug or procedure just to see if it works. If not, they are on to the next thing to “Try” which can put the patient in a state of wondering if the doctor really knows what is going on. Often times there are more natural ways to treat health issues. Does it really make sense to take a drug that over time will cause you to have symptoms that they want to prescribe another drug and so on? This happens way too often. Where does it stop?

Please understand, this is not intended to put down doctors or suggest not going to one. It’s merely trying to make a point of how important doing your research is, and seeking various options and possibly opinions from other doctors.

If you aren’t knocking on Death’s door or suffering from a serious illness, there may be completely drug free options which can be far better for your health in the long term. Many drugs can cause liver damaged with prolonged use. Some natural supplements and options aren’t always that healthy or without risks either.

Research…Research…Research. If it makes sense, and after discussing with your Doctor and/or other health professionals, some trial and error with well known, safe, Natural remedies may be your best option with little to no negative impact to your health.

Finally, the age old wisdom, “Prevention is the Best Medicine”!